A Letter to the Millennial Generation


Who are we? No, that’s not the right question to ask. We know who we are. The census bureau defines us as between 1982 and 2000, between the ages 15 and 34. Blah. More precisely, we are the generation that heralded the new millennium. A new era of human history. Sure, the other generations live in it, but we are this new millennium. We know who we are, but do we know what it means to be who we are? What we are supposed to do?

Previous generations have left us much to deal with. Sure, we’ve inherited much good. Thanks to “The Greatest Generation,” we’ve been spared from tyranny and evil. Do you ever think about how within our lifetime we’ll see the death of The Greatest Generation? As our grandfathers and grandmothers transcend into the annals of history, as time moves forward, a very important period of human…

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