OpEd: Bernie Sanders and His Rise to Millennial Stardom

The Culturalettes

Bernie Sanders has officially started his campaign to take over the world.

My Facebook friends list may be what you consider homogeneous – it consists mostly of my college friends, who all go to a small liberal arts school just outside of Philadelphia. The majority of us are pretty liberal, we are pretty involved, and we consistently have opinions about everything.

The recent midterm elections left my friends and another large portion of this country in utter disgust. We watched with horror as certifiable “nut jobs” as my grandfather would call them, took leadership positions on committees they had no business leading (Read: Jim Inhofe to Lead the Environment and Public Works Committee). And – there’s no good way to sugar coat things – we were enraged.

It was our own fault. We were in a rut – we felt that even though major changes should have occurred, things…

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