Smackdown of Donald Trump for Racist Remarks Regarding Mexicans

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Trump’s Original Condemnation of Mexicans, and doubling down on CNN.

An immigrant responds.

Say Goodbye to Latino vote.

TYT on Trump.

Republicans like Lindsey Graham thought some candidates approved of Trump’s comments and considered him vice-presidential material. But, he said: “I think he’s a wrecking ball for the future of the Republican party with the Hispanic community and we need to push back.

“We can’t worry about what Donald Trump might do; we have to focus as a party on what we should do.”

Some Republicans are supporting Trump!

Ted Cruz said “he speaks the truth.

Obama roasts Trump.

CNN attacks Trump for the side show and carnival barker.

Letterman Destroys Trump.

Mexican’s response.

Yet Trump is now the GOP front runner. The only logical conclusion is that the Republican party is a party of racists.  The Republican party is so proud to have a candidate unafraid to say what…

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