Why Democrats Lose – ‘Democratic Presidential Candidate Sells Out And Trashes Liberals On Fox’

The Last Of The Millenniums

jim webb

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In Newsroom, Jeff Daniel’s in his rant says to the effect ‘if Democrats are so great, why do they lose all the time’?

Enter Jim Webb.

“This kind of divisive, inflammatory rhetoric by people who want to be commander-in-chief is not helpful, and we have seen from the liberal side as well this kind of rhetoric as it goes to Southern white cultures,” the former Virginia senator said, apparently referring to recent debates over the Confederate flag’.

“We need to be inclusive and recognize that we have problems and that we can come together to solve them,”Webb said. “But don’t be throwing these bombs to our cultural groups.”

To Jim Webb, bigots are a ‘cultural group.

The South doesn’t vote Democrat anyway but let’s not offend the inbreed, knuckle dragging bigots.
The South, en masse, is a group of Welfare States that depend of Liberal States paying more into…

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