7 Questions Millennials Should Ask During Job Interviews



The internet is filled with advice for job seekers, from what they can expect to be asked in interviews to what companies are looking for and how to tailor themselves to those expectations. But sometimes we forget it takes two to tango. The best employer-employee matches happen when candidates feel like the company fulfills what they’re looking for, too.

This is especially evident in the competitive tech startup landscape, where companies draw talent by differentiating themselves from ‘normal corporate culture’. So what are talented millennial candidates looking for when they scout out opportunities? We asked young job seekers at the innovative tech recruiting fair NYC Uncubed. Here are some of the questions they told us they’re asking companies:

How diverse are you?

As buzzy a word as ‘diversity’ is, candidates recognize how important it is for their work environment. Nishank Shinde, a soon-to-be software engineer graduate from the…

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