Donald Trump Claims To Be Worth $10 Billion, And No One Is Donating To His Campaign



The entertainment value of Donald Trump far outweighs his usefulness, but one can’t deny his persistence. Trump is currently leading a new national presidential poll, but political analysts are quick to dismiss this early forecast. Both Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman demonstrated similar upswings before crashing in the 2012 race.

A new wrinkle in Trump’s presidential race was revealed by his new financial disclosure statement filing. Since the very “rich” Trump declared his candidacy in June, his campaign donations have been virtually nonexistent from a relative standpoint. Granted, Trump boasted during his announcement speech, “I don’t need anybody’s money,” because he didn’t want to answer to lobbyists.

The end result is that almost all of Trump’s donations came from his own pocket. The documents reveal how Trump raised a total of $1.9 million, but $1.8 million of that amount sprang from Trump’s former Macy’s pocket. He’s raised…

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