Donald Trump: The Illogical, Nonsensical, and Out-of-Touch 2016 Presidential Candidate



Over the last few weeks, any person who is at least in some small way in touch with reality has realized what an extreme and bizarre candidate Donald Trump is. I completely disagree with just about every single thing he believes, and, quite frankly, I find his comments on undocumented immigrants to be repulsive. However, it is almost refreshing to hear a politician speak from the bottom of his “heart” and not give a damn what people think.

Well, okay, “refreshing” may not be the best word.

What I mean, is that it is quite amusing and intriguing to watch one of the most ridiculous people on the planet run for the most powerful position on the planet and do it in such an incredibly foolish way.

To put it bluntly, Donald Trump is one of the most out of touch, hypocritical, and nonsensical “Presidential Hopefuls” to ever exist.


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