Let Them Debate

Ad hoc Quorum

Debates are the primary means by which most of us learn about Presidential Candidates and their policies. Because of this, debates are an incredibly important part of our democracy. So important that this election’ debates are beyond problematic. The Fox News debate was grotesquely unfair, forcing qualified candidates to sit at a “kid’s table” based on polls, which are meant to be responses to what is going on in the election and not used as a tool to winnow the field. When some pollsters refrain for polling certain races to not have their polls manipulated beyond their original intent, you know there is a problem.

Yet CNN looks poised to repeat these same errors. Following Fox’s lead, CNN will implement a “kid’s table” in their debate. Even more problematic, is that Carly Fiorina, whose popularity has increased since the first debate, appears again to be on track for the “kid’s…

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