The point we’re missing from the Trump-Ramos encounter

Juan Castillo Communications

Everyone, it seems, has a take on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s treatment of journalist Jorge Ramos.

Their face-off Tuesday continues to light up social media, and in the fallout the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, of which I’m a longtime member,  condemned Trump for allowing Ramos to be ejected from a news conference for simply asking questions.

In this commentary for NBC News, I write that Ramos was doing more than just asking questions, and he could have handled things better. But that misses the point. And besides, I believe journalists should be pressing Trump, and all the candidates for that matter, on specific policy points. Allowing them to recite well-rehearsed sound bites amounts to little more than free commercial time.

No, I have another take on the incident. For me, it’s not the confrontation we should dissect. It’s what happened afterward.

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