FBI Tells The GOP To F*ck Off–Hillary Clinton Didn’t Do Anything Wrong, Get Over It

The Fifth Column

Featured Image: AYblog

Those guys love manufactured scandals regarding Dems…so they will never stop.


The U.S. State Department made it clear that Hillary Clinton broke no laws and violated no rules when she used a private email server. That, however, was not BENGHAZI! compliant, so the GOP witchhunters went to the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice agreed that no laws were broken and no rules were violated; Hillary Clinton was within her rights to use a private email server to route her non-classified traffic. After all, there’s another end to all of those emails, it’s not like they were sent from her server to her server. Again, BENGHAZI! protocols require things to be rejected, disproven and debunked no less than 30 times before Trey Gowdy puts them back on the docket for next year’s escapades into idiocy, so they have to keep trying.

The next logical course…

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