Alex Pettitt The Streaming King


Periscope is a live streaming video mobile app that lets anyone become a star.

But that’s easier said than done. Sure, their is many who stream daily content in hopes of getting their 15minutes of fame – but most who stream have no real substance.

You have your typical ranting streams. The look how obnoxious I can be videos and than you have folks like Alex Pettitt who bring something different and apply real substance to their streaming work.

Pettitt is a constant scoper with a’lot of useful information.

When I first heard about this great new platform that is Periscope I was very excited about the possibilities.

One of the first “Scopers,” I watched was Alex Pettitt. Pettitt discusses all the possibilities Periscope can offer and shares his tips and tricks to becoming a Scoping Star.

And Alex should know – he is one of the most followed streamers. With over 200,000+ followers and over 95million hearts he is for sure becoming the king of streaming.

Periscope is an amazing platform and it’s becoming a must on everyones smartphones. And it’s giving people like Alex Pettitt the opportunity to shine and show to the world what they truly have to offer.

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