Millennials like most of the American people have the common sense to know Climate Change is real.  For the last months I was totally,”feeling the Burn,” but the reality is we need a President that can actually get things done. Especially when it comes to Climate Change. I respect Bernie Sanders however we need a President that will deliver all the thing he/she is promising. There is much at stake in this election.And Clinton is the only candidate that can and will deliver what she is promising.

I know first hand what it is to be a gay American. I known the struggles and the feeling of not feeling welcome in my own country. The truth is we need a President that is willing to fight for all Americans not just a selective few. Marriage Equality has come along way , but there is still a’lot of discrimination against LGBT Americans and we need a fighter who is willing to fight for us. I truly believe Clinton is that fighter.

Republicans like Rubio, Cruz and Trump spend most of their time dividing our nation. They feed to the bigotry and the division. They constantly pin American’s against each other and that’s the last thing we need in this country. We need a President the can bring folks of all walks of life together. A President that represents all American not just some Americans.

Immigration reform is way overdue and Clinton understands this. She understands that the road ahead will not be easy and knows Republicans will fight her every move when is comes to immigration. But the truth is she is willing to fight for those without a voice. For those voices who live in the shadows and want to be heard. For the little girl that fears her parents will be taken away.

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