Save Father of 2 and Fiance of Immigration Activist from Deportation


Juan Antonio Ruiz Collazo was picked up by Immigration on the morning of Thursday 2/18/2016. Immigration officials came to the house at 5:50am on Thursday morning blocking his fiance in the driveway and refusing her to go to work unless she proved that Juan was not another person in the picture they showed her. She had gotten Juan out of the house to show the officers that he was not the person that they were looking for when they arrested him anyways and took him away from her as well as their two daughters Malina 7 and Alana 6. Juan was then placed in the Irwin County Detention Center were they refused to feed him for 2 days until he was assigned an A#208440129. Within Irwin they also changed his name so that his fiance was unable to find where he was located, fortunately he was able to finally get thru to me where he told me he was located. He has told the officers at Irwin that the name he was assigned is not his real name but they refuse to change it. Juan is a great man and an ever better father to his 2 daughters. He helps Jennifer with the kids as well as financially.  I admit he did get in trouble in 2004 however Juan took care of the charge and served the time for it. Juan helps out in the community as well as runs his own handy man business where he has gained a lot of clientele and many more friends. Don’t deport Juan over a mistake that he fixed 12 yrs ago. Don’t deport Juan away from his family. It would be a travesty to his 2 little girls that miss him very much as well as his fiance. Please grant him a stay of removal.

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