As a millennial I also been feeling the “Bern,” and I am a proud supporter of Sanders. I truly feel he has what it takes to lead this country. Nonetheless, If Sander’s for whatever reason does not get the nomination – I would pledge my vote to Clinton. Clinton also has what it takes to lead this county more importantly unite our nation. At a time where bigotry and division is becoming the norm in the Republican party platform we need a leader that can bring us together and both Sanders and Clinton can do just that.

Although many do not see it that way. They have become so blinded by their ignorance and “passion,” that things have gotten nastier and nastier between both Sanders and Clinton supporters.  Creating a greater gap between both camps.

Even some Sanders supporters are promoting a, “Bernie or Bust,” idea which is both reckless and irresponsible, making easier for Trump to get that much closer to becoming President.

As a Sanders supporter I am offended and disappointed with the idea that some are so easily willing to throw away their vote if they don’t get their way.

The reality is that Sanders still has a great chance of getting the nomination and his movement is growing everyday. And I for one hope he does. He is a candidate that can possibly change the course of this country and improve on President Obama’s policies.

However, Hillary Clinton is also a candidate that can do just that and considering not voting for her if Sander’s does not get the nomination will only hurt our country, more importantly it is irresponsible.

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