Kinetic Kennons Are Breaking Down Perceptions of Mexico

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Meet Hillary and Greg, a millennial couple redefining what it means to live in Mexico.

Hillary and Greg, also known as the Kinetic Kennons, are breaking down the misperceptions we Americans have about our southern neighbor.

In the United States, we think of Mexico as being a desert-like country filled with crime and with Mexican people walking around in ponchos and sombreros.  However, this is not the case. Mexico, like the United States, is a country filled with an abundance of culture and modern amenities.

Thanks to news outlets like “Fox News” and others, the perception of Mexico has become very negative.

Sure, Mexico has crime like any other country. However, many may not know that Mexico is much safer than many cities in the U.S.

The Kennons not only entertain us all with informative and fun daily video uploads, but they also have an important role to play in changing the minds and hearts of people from around the world towards Mexico.

Sadly, a few days ago the Kennons uploaded a video in which they shared that Hillary had been let go from her job. Of course, this changes everything.

The Kennons are not just “living the dream,” as Greg has stated multiple times in his videos. They are also a great example of what it means to be open minded and embracing of other cultures and ways of life.

Their mission is to entertain us by exploring Mexico and giving Mexicans and their culture a platform for the world to see.

This is why is critical that we help the Kennons continue what they are doing. At the moment they are asking viewers and fans to help support their mission by donating to their PATREON page. Even $2 per month can make a big difference and allow them to continue entertaining and educating us all.

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