Any “Wild Guesses” Why Comey was Fired

Let’s see; white supremacists and two men dedicated to protecting Trump’s tax returns and his long-time relationship with Vladimir Putin, have decided to fire the man charged with investigating our nation’s illegitimate president. What could this possibly mean? Is Donnie boy’s administration synonymous with corruption? You f***ing ‘A’ it is. Let the questions begin! How […] […]

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via 25 thoughts we all had while watching Fifty Shades Darker — Single & Starving

This past weekend was the premier of the much awaited, always steamy, uber kinky Fifty Shades Darker. So obviously my best girl friends and I snow-suited up, filled our water bottles with wine, our purses with snacks and headed to the theatre on opening night to watch the timid Anastasia and twisted Christian depict the […] […]

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Supreme Court May Have to Rule on Trump Groping Claim — Variety

Twenty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that President Bill Clinton was not immune from a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Paula Jones. Now, the nation’s highest court may yet again be drawn into addressing the president’s alleged sexual misconduct. In a court filing Monday, attorneys for President Trump argued that he should […] […]

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College Student’s Keep it Real

“You can only learn about yourself through challenges, through exiting the comfort zone.” So, a couple of weeks ago I did a video that went over the ways in which–as a college student, who works a commission based job, juggling senior year, social life, and relationships– you can make some additional cash on the side. […]

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9 Cool Companies in Toronto Hiring Now

For a few months now, many American’s have been joking about moving to Canada — but there now may be a genuine reason to consider packing your bags: tons of awesome jobs across the northern border. According to Canada’s official website, there are about 100,000 open jobs, from part-time to management, retail to government. Canadian […]

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Presidential Grudge Fuck

A grudge fuck is really the only way I can describe how this past week has felt. Every morning has brought more news out of the White House that makes me feel an overwhelming sense of dread and shame. I’m ashamed of my country’s leadership and of my fellow Americans. The tone and tenor of […]

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It has been almost one week since Mr. Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. In the days since his inauguration, we as a nation have witnessed, among other things: An immediate removal of the Climate change, Immigration, Healthcare, and Civil rights pages from the official White House website […]

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