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As a millennial I also been feeling the “Bern,” and I am a proud supporter of Sanders. I truly feel he has what it takes to lead this country. Nonetheless, If Sander’s for whatever reason does not get the nomination – I would pledge my vote to Clinton. Clinton also has what it takes to lead this county more importantly unite our nation. At a time where bigotry and division is becoming the norm in the Republican party platform we need a leader that can bring us together and both Sanders and Clinton can do just that.

Although many do not see it that way. They have become so blinded by their ignorance and “passion,” that things have gotten nastier and nastier between both Sanders and Clinton supporters.  Creating a greater gap between both camps.

Even some Sanders supporters are promoting a, “Bernie or Bust,” idea which is both reckless and irresponsible, making easier for Trump to get that much closer to becoming President.

As a Sanders supporter I am offended and disappointed with the idea that some are so easily willing to throw away their vote if they don’t get their way.

The reality is that Sanders still has a great chance of getting the nomination and his movement is growing everyday. And I for one hope he does. He is a candidate that can possibly change the course of this country and improve on President Obama’s policies.

However, Hillary Clinton is also a candidate that can do just that and considering not voting for her if Sander’s does not get the nomination will only hurt our country, more importantly it is irresponsible.

Alex Pettitt The Streaming King


Periscope is a live streaming video mobile app that lets anyone become a star.

But that’s easier said than done. Sure, their is many who stream daily content in hopes of getting their 15minutes of fame – but most who stream have no real substance.

You have your typical ranting streams. The look how obnoxious I can be videos and than you have folks like Alex Pettitt who bring something different and apply real substance to their streaming work.

Pettitt is a constant scoper with a’lot of useful information.

When I first heard about this great new platform that is Periscope I was very excited about the possibilities.

One of the first “Scopers,” I watched was Alex Pettitt. Pettitt discusses all the possibilities Periscope can offer and shares his tips and tricks to becoming a Scoping Star.

And Alex should know – he is one of the most followed streamers. With over 200,000+ followers and over 95million hearts he is for sure becoming the king of streaming.

Periscope is an amazing platform and it’s becoming a must on everyones smartphones. And it’s giving people like Alex Pettitt the opportunity to shine and show to the world what they truly have to offer.

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Independent Registered Voter Group Endorses Jean Schodorf for Kansas Secretary of State – Cites Agricultural Needs

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Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and we know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation.  Independent registered voters become independents because we are tired of gridlock and extremism from both sides of the political spectrum.

Kris Kobach’s economic restrictionism and isolationism has harmed Kansas agriculture —  a top driver in the midwest.  He has been traveling across the country with his anti-immigrant campaign instead of putting his efforts that are in the best interest of Kansas and our Nation that rely upon competitive labor affecting thousands of industries.

The Kansas Livestock Association understand the economic impacts of Kobach’s economic isolationism when they supported Kobach’s Republican opponent during the GOP primaries citing: “Kobach strays beyond the traditional roles of secretary of state by taking up issues such as immigration and blocking federal environmental protections of the lesser prairie chicken.

There are 65,531 farms in Kansas that sell approximately $14.4 billion in agricultural products.  Noncitizen farmworkers accounted for 16% of all farmworkers in Kansas between 2007 and 2011. According to one study, in 2020 an expanded temporary worker program – like the one provided by the Senate bill – would mean 757 new jobs for U.S. citizens and immigrants (including jobs not only in agriculture, but also retail trade, construction, and other sectors) in Kansas, and increase Kansas’s real personal income by $46million in 2012 dollars.

Therefore, we are signaling to key swing independent registered moderate voters to consider Jean Schodorf who is running for Kansas Secretary of State.  We believe Schodorf is a true moderate in light of being a former registered Republican.  We encourage business owners and farmers to vote their pocket book in order to secure Kansas’ future, and we are encouraged to hear Jean Schodorf is ahead in the polls.





About Jean

Born on a Marine Corps base in North Carolina, Jean Kurtis Schodorf grew up 13-301-067-300x200.jpgknowing the sacrifice and the service that comes with preserving our freedoms and protecting the American dream. Jean’s father, Brigadier General William Kurtis, was one of the Marine Corps’ first 1,000 aviators. His initial assignment was to search for fellow Kansan Amelia Earhart. After serving in World War II, Brigadier General Kurtis retired from the Marines, moving his family back to Kansas.

Education & Work Experience

Jean and her brother, Bill, spent their childhood on the family farm in Independence, Kansas, and graduated from Independence High School. After earning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in communicative disorders from the University of New Mexico, Jean returned to Southeast Kansas where she worked as a speech and language pathologist in the local schools. For the past 36 years, Jean has lived in Wichita where she raised her family and worked as a speech and language pathologist. After going back to school at WSU to earn a doctorate degree in communicative disorders, Jean continues to work as a speech and language pathologist with children and senior citizens in the Wichita area. For 12 years, she served on the Wichita School Board, including three years as board president.

Leadership in the Kansas Senate

Jean represented the 25th District in the Kansas Senate for over a decade. In the Senate, Jean earned positions as the Chair of both the Education committee and the Legislative Educational Planning Committee. She also served as Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Arts and Cultural Resources and as a member of the Budget, Judiciary and Commerce committees.

As a leader in the Senate, Jean has authored several key pieces of legislation, including increased penalties for drunk drivers and financial literacy training for school-aged children. She has worked to secure economic development initiatives for Wichita and south central Kansas, including affordable flights from Mid-Continent Airlines, the National Institute of Aviation Research, the water recharge program, and funding for Cessna bonds and the Jabara Aviation Training Center.

As a State Senator, Jean also worked with the Wichita Police Department to spearhead anti-gang legislation, which has helped local law enforcement officers crack down on gang violence and keep our neighborhoods safe.

SPANISH EDITION: Las Mujeres y el Derecho al Voto!!

By Romy Esposito

Nuestro derecho al voto ha sido atacado, discriminado, aprobado y revocado en diferentes ocasiones alrededor del mundo.

Estados Unidos


A principios del siglo XIX, las mujeres de Estados Unidos eran consideradas ciudadanas de “segunda clase”; sus quehaceres se limitaban al aseo del hogar, la educación de los niños y la atención de su marido. Vivian en una época en donde opinar, hablar en público o viajar solas, era “provocativo”.
Un grupo de “mujeres valientes” se atrevieron a encabezar el movimiento del “voto femenino” el cual se innaguro oficialmente en 1848 dando paso a la primera “Convención Por Los Derechos De La Mujer,” en Seneca Falls, New York.


Fue un largo proceso, la campaña por conseguir el voto femenino se desmoralizo; diferencias de estrategias entre las activistas, el comienzo de la primera guerra mundial y ajustadas agendas políticas hicieron que el movimiento se opaque en muchas ocasiones. Sin embargo, ELLAS no se conformaron con menos; les tomo mas de  100 años ganar sus derechos, hasta que finalmente llego el dia tan esperado, el 26 de Agosto de 1920, la enmienda 19 de la constitución fue ratificada.

Las Mujeres de Estados Unidos ya podian VOTAR!

                                                                                                                                                                                   América Latina

En los países latinoamericanos la lucha fue igual de intensa; Uruguay sin duda fue el mas radical y se puso a la vanguardia marcando el sendero para los demás países.

El 3 de Julio de 1927, en un movimiento revolucionario, la lucha contra la desigualdad e exclusión de la mujer al voto llego a su fin; por primera vez las mujeres acudieron a las urnas. En 1938 quedo oficialmente ratificado y se convierte en el primer país latinoamericano en aprobar el voto femenino y el sexto  en el mundo.

La emancipación femenina alcanzo su victoria en los años consecuentes extendiéndose al resto de America Latina. Mexico fue ejemplo de una lucha incansable; donde mujeres valientes alzaron sus voces combatiendo la idea que la política era solo para hombres. Yucatan como estado clave tomo la iniciativa; las mujeres Mexicanas vieron la posibilidad de salir de la marginación politica, nuevas ideas y vientos de cambios las movilizaron hasta alcanzar la victoria el 17 de Octubre de 1953 convirtiéndose en el ulitmo país de America latina en consolidar este derecho. Hace tan solo 60 anios atrás, las mujeres Mexicanas tienen VOZ en las urnas!!!

Ahora si, a Votar!

photo 2

Estas historias que nos han remontado al pasado de nuestras madres y abuelas, nos sirven para recordar la importancia de ejercitar nuestro derecho como ciudadanas.

Regístrate a votar!!! Acude a las urnas y elige a tus gobernantes!!! Recuerda cuando estés votando, a todas esas “mujeres valientes” que lucharon para que hoy tú tengas el privilegio de votar y conviértete en una de ellas.

                                                                                                                             Siéntete orgullosa como mujer de participar activamente en    nuestra democracia!!!


Romy Esposito
Usa este link para registrarte, es MUY FACIL


Boycott Murrieta California For Protesting Small Refugee Children

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We support the boycott of Murrieta, California,  in light of their Mayor and Councilmen who are participating in terrorizing small refugee children.  We have Sought Outside Investigation From DOJ Regarding Murrieta Protestors Regarding Conspiracy To Commit Obstruction of Federal Officers And To Violate Civil Rights. 

From ABC 10:

Migrant children describe fear of facing protesters


About the Murrieta Boycott:

Murrieta, California has reared its racist head, so lets give them what they want and segregate them. Boycott all business in Murrieta, California!!

The mayor and the people of Murrieta, California decided that it was appropriate to make a political statement by harassing and traumatizing children. We are calling for a complete and total boycott of Murrieta, California. Their behavior is an insult to what America stands for. Avoid all business within the city limits of Murrieta, no gas, no food, no grocery shopping, no jack in the box. Nothing. Isolate Murrieta, California exactly as they want to be.

Our goals:
1. Encourage a boycott of all business in Murrieta.
2. Mayor Alan Long is held responsible for his encouragement and support of the racist protests.
3. The buses of refugee children are not harassed in any way.
Photo cred:  NYT

Event Alert: TNTweeters Google Hangout


The TNTweeters proudly present their first ever spanish Google Hangout. Focusing on immigration reform and the importance of the Latino vote.

  TNTweeters.US te invita a participar en  nuestro Google Hangout sobre:
“La Importancia del Voto y La Reforma Migratoria” 

Te invitamos a participar de nuestro Google+ Hangout “La Importancia del Voto”

Sábado 7 de Junio 2014

5pm EST / 4pm CST / 2pm PST

Registrate para participar:

Who are  the TNTweeters?

TNTweeters is a group of people, undocumented, permanent legal residents and American citizens, who are already living in the United States of America and have the same goal: Comprehensive Immigration Reform with Path to Citizenship for all.


Mexican-American Women-led Organization Targets Texas / Competitive Races For Immigration Inaction After Ohio Political Wins

Phoenix, AZ — Somos Independents (SI) is a woman-led organization that encourages Mexican-American Chicanos and Latinos to vote in elections.  We are an organization strictly made of volunteers with several women leaders across the Nation hosting Get Out The Vote drives.  We do not profit from crisis situations, nor do we ask for donations for our activism involvement.  We are American voters.   According to Texas’, Border Patrol agents led a raid at a home just east of Edinburg, Texas.  Investigators found 35 undocumented immigrants from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala inside the house — many of which are women and children.
The burgeoning Chicano / Latino population have been counting down the days since the Democratic-led Senate passed legal immigration last year in June of 2013. It has been almost one year and we have noticed our do-nothing House of Representatives led by the GOP stall and prevent fixing the clearly broken immigration system. It is becoming increasingly clear to women voters across out Nation that men such as (R-OH) Speaker John Boehner, (R-VA) Republican Leader Eric Cantor and (R-CA) GOP Whip Kevin McCarthy are stalling. These men have encouraged chaos within our broken immigration system by turning a blind eye and simply not carrying out their federal responsibility to fix what is broken. Immigration is a federal issue and these mostly Anglo and white-haired politicians working for our federal government appear to want to obstruct almost everything our first African-American President has set out to do instead of working in a bipartisan fashion solving tough issues. According to IVN: “The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. … These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative.”
The men leading the Republican Party do not feel or empathize what women voters feel with regard to the pain we feel with regard to watching undocumented women being separated from small children, or hearing about breastfeeding women and babies being detained in freezer cells. As a result of hearing about immigrant women and babies being detained in freezer cells, we began organizing in Ohio and targeted Ohio women leaders and child advocacy organizations. Our Creator heard our cries. And, we were happy to hear Tea Party Republicans lose in states like Ohio when a Tea Party challenger via Matt Lynch lost to Republican Rep. Dave Joyce. We know the State of Ohio is a key state during Presidential elections.
The Republican-led House of Representatives must understand that while they do nothing, women and children advocates are working harder and stronger to get the message out that these men simply do not care about families being separated in our homeland – rather, they appear to be more concerned with war and issues abroad.
It is our intent to help turn Texas purple and more “Independent” in time for 2016 elections, and we believe we can work with the matriarch Tejanas of Texas. Latinos have already surpassed whites in the State of California, and we believe Texas is next.
As a woman-led organization we simply cannot allow women and children to be victimized again and again as is the case in Edingburg, Texas. The do-nothing House gives us no choice but to work toward decreasing their power in 2014 / 2016 even though we warned them of their immigration inaction consequences before 2012 when President Obama was re-elected. Obama won largely because of women and Latino voters.
Shirl Mora James, Civil Rights and Immigration Lawyer states:
“Let us not compound the recent abuse and misery of the victims of the human traffickers east of Edinburg, Texas. The U.S. Government must provide humane treatment of these victims by keeping mothers, fathers, and their children together. These families are just seeking a safer life in the U.S. We must remember, that at one time all non natives were immigrants that did not belong to this continent, these women, men and their children belong to this continent…let them stay in the U.S. with the benefits of the T Visa!”
Carlos Galindo, a National radio political talk show hosts states:
“What we saw occur in Edinburg is repeated throughout the United States. Human traffickers exploit women and children as they are held against their will in drop houses, often forced to remain in their underwear to deter the Immigrant from fleeing. The hypocritical labor system currently utilized by our corporations has created an inviting environment that has trapped the Immigrant currently in the U.S. and tempts others to make that treacherous journey across that unforgiving desert. It is high time that this Congress act and tender a reasonable Comprehensive Immigration Reform to the American people.”
The religious right are quick to ask for tithes in their churches and rule with the iron fist, yet, they forget what Jesus Christ teaches us with regard to the treatment of our neighbors. In addition, most of the undocumented immigrants have prevented our Nation from going bankrupt because of the competitive labor they have afforded the agricultural industry, the construction industry, the hotel industry, the restaurant industry, etc., while adding jobs in light of the new immigrant entrepreneurial businesses that have been created in our Nation. Undocumented immigrants pays Billion$ into our tax coffers, while bigotry ignores the financial facts.
According to the Tax Lawyer, a paper published by Section of Taxation, American bar Association with the assistance of Georgetown University Law Center, “…each year undocumented immigrants add billions of dollars in sales, excise, property, income, and payroll taxes—including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment taxes—to federal, state, and local coffers.
The Republican Party used to pride itself on strong national security, however, they do not seem to realize there are immigration scam artists out there who benefit financially from a broken immigration system. Fixing the broken immigration system in our Homeland strengthens our National security and our relationships with other neighboring countries who have a growing GDP.
The time is now…


Somos Independents is a national group of key swing independent registered Independent women voters who support bipartisanship in our government that will help solve tough issues.   We are organizing the growing independent registered voter group by getting out the vote with millenial voters, and we realize college-aged students prefer registering themselves as independents rather than choosing a major political party.  We believe in putting people before Party politics.  Co-founders include a former Republican and a former Democratic voter.

EVENT ALERT: May Day / Primero de Mayo 2014, Santa Rosa, CA


Facebook post  by Attila Nagy

4:00 pm – Gather at the Old Albertson’s lot // Reunirse en el lote de la Albertson, 665 Sebastopol Rd. near/cerca de Dutton Ave.
4:45 pm – Start March to downtown Court House Square for Rally // Comience a marchar al centro de la ciudad para Mitin


Thursday, May 1st, 2014
Jueves 1 de Mayo, 2014

The people demand: jobs, justice & respect for all!

• $12 per hour minimum wage!
• End Police Terror!
• Stop Mass Deportation!
• No Car Impoundment!
• Justice for Andy Lopez!
• Healthcare for All!
• Protect the Right to Organize!

Demanda la gente: trabajos, justicia y respeto para todos!

• $12 por hora salario minimo!
• Terminación al Terror Policiaco!
• Alto a las Deportaciones Masivas!
• No a la confiscación de autos!
• Justicia para Andy Lopez!
• Servicio de Salud para todos!
• Proteger el Derecho a

Organized by

Organized by the May 1st Coalition /
Organizado por la Coalición del 1 de Mayo

Organized by the May 1st Coalition/Organizado por la Coalición del 1 de Mayo • Endorsed by/Apoyado por: Comité VIDA (Committee for Immigrant Rights, So. Co.); Peace & Justice Center, So. Co.; ACLU, So. Co.; Centro Laboral de Graton; United Farm Workers (UFW); Green Party, So. Co.; KBBF 89.1FM Bilingual Radio; North Bay Organizing Project; Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored; North Bay Jobs With Justice/Living Wage Coalition; North Bay Labor Council; UUCSR Advocates for Social Justice; Unite Here Local 2850, Local 49; Unite Here International; Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez; ANSWER Coalition; Petaluma Progressives; 100,000 Poets for Change.

Want to participate ? Click HERE