As a millennial I also been feeling the “Bern,” and I am a proud supporter of Sanders. I truly feel he has what it takes to lead this country. Nonetheless, If Sander’s for whatever reason does not get the nomination – I would pledge my vote to Clinton. Clinton also has what it takes to [...]

Alex Pettitt The Streaming King

Periscope is a live streaming video mobile app that lets anyone become a star. But that’s easier said than done. Sure, their is many who stream daily content in hopes of getting their 15minutes of fame – but most who stream have no real substance. You have your typical ranting streams. The look how obnoxious I can [...]

TheSteveLewisShow Feb-23-2015 On the first show of 2015 Steve Lewis focuses on Edwards Snowden. Hero or Traitor? Lewis gives his opinion. Lewis pleas his case and explain why Edward Snowden is hero. You can listen to TheSTEVELEWISshow and others at

Independent Registered Voter Group Endorses Jean Schodorf for Kansas Secretary of State – Cites Agricultural Needs

Posted by Somos Independents Photo credit: -- Kris Kobach, left, and Jean Schodorf are running for Kansas secretary of state.  Jean Schodorf slight lead in the polls. Read more here:   Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and [...]

SPANISH EDITION: Las Mujeres y el Derecho al Voto!!

By Romy Esposito Nuestro derecho al voto ha sido atacado, discriminado, aprobado y revocado en diferentes ocasiones alrededor del mundo. Estados Unidos A principios del siglo XIX, las mujeres de Estados Unidos eran consideradas ciudadanas de “segunda clase”; sus quehaceres se limitaban al aseo del hogar, la educación de los niños y la atención de [...]

Boycott Murrieta California For Protesting Small Refugee Children

Posted by Somos Independents We support the boycott of Murrieta, California,  in light of their Mayor and Councilmen who are participating in terrorizing small refugee children.  We have Sought Outside Investigation From DOJ Regarding Murrieta Protestors Regarding Conspiracy To Commit Obstruction of Federal Officers And To Violate Civil Rights.  From ABC 10: Migrant children describe [...]

Event Alert: TNTweeters Google Hangout

The TNTweeters proudly present their first ever spanish Google Hangout. Focusing on immigration reform and the importance of the Latino vote.   TNTweeters.US te invita a participar en  nuestro Google Hangout sobre:"La Importancia del Voto y La Reforma Migratoria"  Te invitamos a participar de nuestro Google+ Hangout "La Importancia del Voto" Sábado 7 de Junio 2014... 5pm EST / [...]

Mexican-American Women-led Organization Targets Texas / Competitive Races For Immigration Inaction After Ohio Political Wins

Posted by Somos Independents Phoenix, AZ -- Somos Independents (SI) is a woman-led organization that encourages Mexican-American Chicanos and Latinos to vote in elections.  We are an organization strictly made of volunteers with several women leaders across the Nation hosting Get Out The Vote drives.  We do not profit from crisis situations, nor do we [...]

EVENT ALERT: May Day / Primero de Mayo 2014, Santa Rosa, CA

Facebook post  by Attila Nagy Where 4:00 pm - Gather at the Old Albertson’s lot // Reunirse en el lote de la Albertson, 665 Sebastopol Rd. near/cerca de Dutton Ave. 4:45 pm - Start March to downtown Court House Square for Rally // Comience a marchar al centro de la ciudad para Mitin What INTERNATIONAL [...]