via 25 thoughts we all had while watching Fifty Shades Darker — Single & Starving

This past weekend was the premier of the much awaited, always steamy, uber kinky Fifty Shades Darker. So obviously my best girl friends and I snow-suited up, filled our water bottles with wine, our purses with snacks and headed to the theatre on opening night to watch the timid Anastasia and twisted Christian depict the […] [...]

Supreme Court May Have to Rule on Trump Groping Claim — Variety

Twenty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously that President Bill Clinton was not immune from a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Paula Jones. Now, the nation’s highest court may yet again be drawn into addressing the president’s alleged sexual misconduct. In a court filing Monday, attorneys for President Trump argued that he should […] [...]

College Student’s Keep it Real “You can only learn about yourself through challenges, through exiting the comfort zone.” So, a couple of weeks ago I did a video that went over the ways in which–as a college student, who works a commission based job, juggling senior year, social life, and relationships– you can make some additional cash on the [...]

9 Cool Companies in Toronto Hiring Now

For a few months now, many American’s have been joking about moving to Canada — but there now may be a genuine reason to consider packing your bags: tons of awesome jobs across the northern border. According to Canada’s official website, there are about 100,000 open jobs, from part-time to management, retail to government. Canadian [...]


It has been almost one week since Mr. Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. In the days since his inauguration, we as a nation have witnessed, among other things: An immediate removal of the Climate change, Immigration, Healthcare, and Civil rights pages from the official White House website [...]

The woman’s march of Washington 2017

I stepped out of my shell and did something last weekend. I went with some old chums from my library days (along with another 1.2 million people) down to D.C. to hopefully kick off a movement. I was going to post my entries separately but I figured I would just do them in chronological order […] [...]