I am a Mexican physicist doing academic research in Europe (as an immigrant). Suppose for a moment I were considering joining your University, and suppose that I am a qualified individual (will not say that of myself). How do you think your event makes me feel about your University. Do you think I will have any desire to engage in an atmosphere where people get 25 dollar rewards for catching “illigal immigrants” walking around a University campus?

To judge everyone at UT based on the actions of this group would be as wrong as judging all Mexicans (or even latin-americans) based on the actions of a sub-sector of that population. However, this event does reflect the level of conciousness and tolerance of a significant sector of your University. To be honest, I find it sad that you derive a sense of identity from hating a fellow who just happened to be born on the other side of a river. Learn to earn merit and appreciation from your own ideas and creativity, and stimulate others to be the highest version of their own selves they can be. Then you will attract the most fascinating people to your debate. Otherwise, all I see now is a group of people who derive a sense of superiority from the very thing for which we have the least control at all: where we were born.

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