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I Went To A Anti-Trump Protest And These Are My Thoughts


By Rolo Ruiz

I went to the LA protest and these are some thoughts about last night:

I, too, am in a state of incredulity, worry, shame (amongst others feelings) that this is the path that we chose. We fought a hard, intense fight to get people to participate because we knew the importance of this election and the damage that can be done to the progress we’ve made as a country if the country ran in the same fashion Trump ran his campaign. Terrifying. It exacerbates the decline of our (small l) liberal democracy that was already under assault.

Here is the hard pill to swallow, but swallow we must. WE LOST. We have a constitutional right to voice our vehement disapproval with the result. We DO NOT have the right to throw away the process because we didn’t get our way this time. This is the REAL test of democracy.

Exercising that right to protest was a beautiful thing I witnessed last night. A real grass roots demonstration built by a naturally born coalition all kinds of people: men, women, Hispanic, Black, Asian, gay, straight, old, young…I’m talking all of the above. It was moving. Don’t forget that amongst other things, it is a huge job of the (good) politician that is mostly unseen: to create and bring together coalitions of all types of groups to more effectively pursue their agenda. This is what is most sought after because of its effectiveness to bring about change. Think MLK, Chavez, etc. This, what his happening, is a gift we don’t get too often. This is the test: to use it responsibly and pragmatically or not.

Yes, it beautiful to see real democracy in action but I also saw how easily manipulatable and fragile something so powerful can be. How easy it is to herd people into the negative, the angst, the emotion. (This was exactly the Trump strategy) It was then that I realized the importance of a good leader such as MLK, someone to guide and lead all of this energy towards something productive. Looking at you, Bernie.

Yes it feels good to chant, “Not my president!” or “We reject the President Elect!” I’m sorry to tell you but you are giving them exactly what they want which is to violate the system to give them legal reason to destroy it. DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM. Do NOT chant this! It will only build, spread, and drill anger and unproductively. STOP IT! Give them something positive… even funny. “Pussy Grabs Back” was one of my favorite ones.

As much as we have learned from great leaders such as MLK on how to progress as a society, you can bet your sweet asses that those that oppose us have also learned how to stymie it. It will be priority one to destroy this movement.

This is how we beat them and thwart their ambitions to destroy this. Keep it peaceful with actions and with rhetoric. Like Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high!” Do NOT fall into despair and give a hand to those that have fallen into it. Talk to people, reason with them, get them to understand the powerful tool we have on our hands. This coalition is our great weapon against any policies that don’t align with our values as Americans. When you go to rallies and protest, spread this sentiment. Share it…put it in your own words if you want but please spread it. Its very existence depends on it. The people United will never be divided. Truth.


As a millennial I also been feeling the “Bern,” and I am a proud supporter of Sanders. I truly feel he has what it takes to lead this country. Nonetheless, If Sander’s for whatever reason does not get the nomination – I would pledge my vote to Clinton. Clinton also has what it takes to lead this county more importantly unite our nation. At a time where bigotry and division is becoming the norm in the Republican party platform we need a leader that can bring us together and both Sanders and Clinton can do just that.

Although many do not see it that way. They have become so blinded by their ignorance and “passion,” that things have gotten nastier and nastier between both Sanders and Clinton supporters.  Creating a greater gap between both camps.

Even some Sanders supporters are promoting a, “Bernie or Bust,” idea which is both reckless and irresponsible, making easier for Trump to get that much closer to becoming President.

As a Sanders supporter I am offended and disappointed with the idea that some are so easily willing to throw away their vote if they don’t get their way.

The reality is that Sanders still has a great chance of getting the nomination and his movement is growing everyday. And I for one hope he does. He is a candidate that can possibly change the course of this country and improve on President Obama’s policies.

However, Hillary Clinton is also a candidate that can do just that and considering not voting for her if Sander’s does not get the nomination will only hurt our country, more importantly it is irresponsible.


Barry John Johnson, Special guest op-ed contributor.

by Barry John Johnson

As I look at the turmoil taking place in Baltimore, crowds enraged, cars being smashed and windows broken, my mind goes to a sense of irony related to an old academic policing concept, The Broken Windows Theory. Developed by James Q. Wilson, it has sometimes been cited as a justification for proactive or aggressive policing policies like “Stop and Frisk” as a matter of nipping in the bud any potential for unlawful behavior. The theory in essence says, once you allow one broken window on the block to go unrepaired, it sets a new standard as to what is acceptable, and further broken windows will in turn go unrepaired. The neighborhood, and therefore society, will then deteriorate into greater lawlessness and less responsible citizenry.

The Broken Window Theory actually works……… for broken windows. As a former City Manager, I saw the theory applied, practically and effectively in the context of code enforcement directed at poor property management and physical deterioration of property in general. It alleviates poor housing conditions. It gets old rotting couches off of the lawn. A neighborhood can look better, cleaner and brighter. The theory might then espouse that people in that neighborhood will behave better as well, as a new standard of personal responsibly and lawfulness is created.

At some point, somewhere along the way, this theory may have been distorted as it has been applied more directly at human behavior with the range of what might be considered proactive application creeping wider and wider.

The Broken Window may have become a kid in a hoodie. The Broken Window may have become a teen listening to loud music. With racial profiling, in effect, implementing this academic theory, the Broken Window may have become an entire class of people.

An old academic theory, distorted, has become a tool of societal suppression in the name of effective policing. Why wouldn’t one, be mad, upset and maybe even riot, if determined to be a Broken Window?

Now, in the spirit of irony, it appears that the Broken Window is us, or the society that allows its wholesale application in a distorted fashion.

Now the Broken Window might be:

A lack of truly sincere community policing policies An overt over-militarization of local police agencies Pro-police bias in excessive force review and prosecution An inability in the policing profession to be introspective A default “bunker mentality” of police union organizations Rampant overt and subtle racism in society in general Lack of economic opportunity for disenfranchised groups How do we deal with all of these Broken Windows? Ironically again, we nip them in the bud. We take corrective action. We have to be proactive in addressing and all inkling of ineffective or biased policing. We revamp community policing strategies to be real and sincere. We talk about whether there is a pro-police prosecutorial bias and how it might be addressed. We take swift and aggressive action against regarding any indication of bias or excessive force on the part of individual officers.

We, in effect, turn the Broken Window Theory inside out.

Author Bio: Barry John Johnson is a former City Manager, now licensed as a counselor in California.


North California Schools Show Ugly Discriminatory Pattern: Denise Elsken’s No AC Idea Likened to Superintendent Joe Jaconette Denying Free Lunch to Little Girl


Chicanos are drawing attention to Denise Elsken — a heartless woman out of the Martinez School District that should NOT be a school board member. In fact, we are going to demand she resign forthwith for her derogatory and offensive views towards brown kids vs. her views for the affluent.  Essentially Elsken believes La Junta children (high Chicano/Latino population school) shouldn’t have  air conditioning but believes a school in an affluent area should be deserving of new air conditioning.    I implore my reader to sign this petition (signatures already at 857)  and call or email the Superintendent of the Martinez School District . See contact information below. In addition to Elsken’s resignation, we believe the superintendent of the Martinez School District via Rami Muth should apologize for Elsken’s derogatory views that are clearly unjust.  The entire Martinez School District should understand and realize that the Chicano/Latino economic contributions are significant.  We are a force to be reckoned with considering the U.S. Hispanic market is one of the top 10 economies in the world. We were happy to see Superintendent Joe Jaconnette apologize for their behavior and now it’s time to see Rami display leadership in the Martinez School District. Furthermore, we will be following up with La Junta School parents to see whether or not the Martinez School District opted for planting trees versus giving the school with a high Chicano / Latin children population new air conditioning.


This is not the first time we have seen this sort of behavior in a northern California school district with regard to what school board members/leaders will do in order to create an unjust climate.  For instance, the Orinda Union School District Superintendent Joe Jaconette was in hot water in light of his utter disregard for the concern and safety of a 7 year old little girl.  According to the Mercury News: “Days before kicking a second grader out of the district for living outside its boundaries, the Orinda Union School District twice denied the Latina girl access to its free lunch program while recognizing that she lived in the city.” The absolute worst part of this story involves the mother of this precious seven year old little girl where her mother was hiding their address in light of filing a domestic violence restraining order against her ex.

That said, now we see Orinda’s Neighboring School District chiming in. This time school board member Denise Elsken Of Martinez School states:


“I would say 95% of the students at La Juntas do not have air conditioning in their homes. So whether that means those students are more acclimated and can handle a little more heat than the John Swett students — which I would say 95% of their residences have air conditioning in their homes.”


According to CBS San Francisco:

Denise Elsken supports putting A/C at the more affluent John Swett Elementary. But when it comes to lower-income Las Juntas, Elsken said $2 million would be better spent on education and teachers.  She said “cool roofs” and shade trees at Las Juntas would keep students cool.

We implore our reader to call Rami Muth and demand an apology for Denise Elsken’s derogatory views that have no place in the school board system.

California activist and radio show host via Mark Lane states:

This woman is not fit to be on a school board making decisions for children. She publicly displays her racism and lack of common sense. Her statement is rude, it is dehumanizing and it is patently unfair. Denise Elsken is unfit for the position she is in and should be removed from her position on the school board.




Contact Information

Rami Muth

Sue Casey
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent




Martinez Unified School District getting dismal star rating grades — 2 out of 5.

Guillermo’s Two Cents: Hypocritical Christians

Guillermo’s Two Cents: Hypocrite-300x150

I have and will always find it hypocritical of the far right Christians to hate and create division within our society and than called themselves god loving people. We are witness to these kinds of personalties on what feels like a daily basis. A great example of these so called loving Christians is the Pizzeria owner from Indiana who proudly declare her haltered towards gays when she stated she would refuse to cater to anyone in the gay community. Thanks to Indiana’s new ‘religious freedom’ law far right “Christians” can now proudly spew their hate and legally discriminate against anyone they believe is gay. I find it interesting that these so called Christians justified their hate by involving “religion.” However, if anyone decides to disagree with the hate and division they are now being prosecuted.

TheQueOndaShow Headed to TGM


“The Que Onda show,” is at it’s final stages and finally is ready to announce the show’s debut date. It has been confirmed that the show will air on CRN ( Chicano Radio Network) and then re-air within the TGM network. The show is schedule for April 13th 2015 at 7pm pt – 10pm est.

It is no surprise to anyone that DeeDee Blase agreed to bring her show to the TGM Network. TGM has the tools to make the show a great success. TGM’s demographics are young, motivated and educated millennials that can connect with the show’s premise. The TGM Network is comprise of a well connected online spider-web like system that connects to all of its multiple social media platforms with a single key stroke. Comprise of online radio stations, well traffic websites and countless of social media pages along with their cult like following CRN’s new show has the potential to be a huge success within TGM.

TGM is also betting on Blase captivating personality will deliver a great show that can connect with it’s readers and listeners and is hoping that she can attract more Millennial Chicanos to TGM. TheGenerationMe main goal is to inform and encourage young voters to get register and vote during the elections. And wants to make sure Latinos are interacting in the voting process.  

Blase is a welcome edition to the network and for many she is a breath of fresh air.

The will air on the TGM network on April 13th 2014.

( TheQueOndaShow) 

Independent Registered Voter Group Endorses Jean Schodorf for Kansas Secretary of State – Cites Agricultural Needs

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Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and we know that Mexican American / Latinos are one of the fastest growing demographic in our Nation.  Independent registered voters become independents because we are tired of gridlock and extremism from both sides of the political spectrum.

Kris Kobach’s economic restrictionism and isolationism has harmed Kansas agriculture —  a top driver in the midwest.  He has been traveling across the country with his anti-immigrant campaign instead of putting his efforts that are in the best interest of Kansas and our Nation that rely upon competitive labor affecting thousands of industries.

The Kansas Livestock Association understand the economic impacts of Kobach’s economic isolationism when they supported Kobach’s Republican opponent during the GOP primaries citing: “Kobach strays beyond the traditional roles of secretary of state by taking up issues such as immigration and blocking federal environmental protections of the lesser prairie chicken.

There are 65,531 farms in Kansas that sell approximately $14.4 billion in agricultural products.  Noncitizen farmworkers accounted for 16% of all farmworkers in Kansas between 2007 and 2011. According to one study, in 2020 an expanded temporary worker program – like the one provided by the Senate bill – would mean 757 new jobs for U.S. citizens and immigrants (including jobs not only in agriculture, but also retail trade, construction, and other sectors) in Kansas, and increase Kansas’s real personal income by $46million in 2012 dollars.

Therefore, we are signaling to key swing independent registered moderate voters to consider Jean Schodorf who is running for Kansas Secretary of State.  We believe Schodorf is a true moderate in light of being a former registered Republican.  We encourage business owners and farmers to vote their pocket book in order to secure Kansas’ future, and we are encouraged to hear Jean Schodorf is ahead in the polls.





About Jean

Born on a Marine Corps base in North Carolina, Jean Kurtis Schodorf grew up 13-301-067-300x200.jpgknowing the sacrifice and the service that comes with preserving our freedoms and protecting the American dream. Jean’s father, Brigadier General William Kurtis, was one of the Marine Corps’ first 1,000 aviators. His initial assignment was to search for fellow Kansan Amelia Earhart. After serving in World War II, Brigadier General Kurtis retired from the Marines, moving his family back to Kansas.

Education & Work Experience

Jean and her brother, Bill, spent their childhood on the family farm in Independence, Kansas, and graduated from Independence High School. After earning a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in communicative disorders from the University of New Mexico, Jean returned to Southeast Kansas where she worked as a speech and language pathologist in the local schools. For the past 36 years, Jean has lived in Wichita where she raised her family and worked as a speech and language pathologist. After going back to school at WSU to earn a doctorate degree in communicative disorders, Jean continues to work as a speech and language pathologist with children and senior citizens in the Wichita area. For 12 years, she served on the Wichita School Board, including three years as board president.

Leadership in the Kansas Senate

Jean represented the 25th District in the Kansas Senate for over a decade. In the Senate, Jean earned positions as the Chair of both the Education committee and the Legislative Educational Planning Committee. She also served as Vice Chair of the Joint Committee on Arts and Cultural Resources and as a member of the Budget, Judiciary and Commerce committees.

As a leader in the Senate, Jean has authored several key pieces of legislation, including increased penalties for drunk drivers and financial literacy training for school-aged children. She has worked to secure economic development initiatives for Wichita and south central Kansas, including affordable flights from Mid-Continent Airlines, the National Institute of Aviation Research, the water recharge program, and funding for Cessna bonds and the Jabara Aviation Training Center.

As a State Senator, Jean also worked with the Wichita Police Department to spearhead anti-gang legislation, which has helped local law enforcement officers crack down on gang violence and keep our neighborhoods safe.

Charlie Crist: A Candidate Millennials Can Support

TGM Voice: 7/27/2014

Charlie Crist: A Candidate Millennials Can Support


The moment has come for Millennials to rally behind Charlie Crist. One thing is for sure – Millennials are tired of Rick Scott’s far right policies and are seeking to free Florida of Rick Scott.

Florida Millennials are looking for a candidate who can understand them and is willing fight for what they believe. Charlie Crist is that candidate and Millennials should rally behind him.

Why should Millennials vote for Charlie Crist? Let’s take a look at his stance on the issues.



First, Crist understands the importance of education and has spoken against Rick Scott’s devastating budget cuts. These budget cuts have only hurt Florida’s students and the state’s education system.

Crist has made it clear that if he were elected Governor he would fully repeal Rick Scott’s cuts to education. Just as important, he would make sure that Florida’s companies receive tax incentives for partnering with or donating to educational initiatives.

Charlie Chris has also stated that if elected he would make college affordable for all Florida students. Let’s not forget Crist would work hard to increase state funding for colleges and Universities – something that Millennials support.


Featured Image -- 7362

As Millennials we all know how hard it’s been for many to find work right after they graduate college. Because Millennials have gone through a lot these past years, they are seeking someone that can understand the needs of a Millennial and this includes jobs.

Unlike Rick Scott, Charlie Crist would put people first – this means using incentives to help small businesses grow and ultimately create jobs for Millennials.

Because job creation is key for Millennials to prosper, Crist would also invest in programs like “Visit Florida,” as he has mentioned many times. Programs like this would encourage people from around the world to visit Florida, thus creating jobs for the people of Florida and Millennials alike.


Looking up

One thing you can bet on is that Millennials care about the environment. In fact we are passionate about it. We understand the importance and urgency of protecting the environment. This is why Charlie Crist has promised to protect the Florida Everglades and beaches and ensure every Floridian has clean water and clean air.

Just as important, Crist has made it clear that he will never support near-shore drilling for oil off the coasts of Florida – something Millennials applaud and support.

These are just a few examples of Charlie Crist policies that can become a reality if he is elected Governor. As a Millennial I feel Crist is a perfect candidate for Florida’s Millennials to support and if you want a candidate that understands your needs and is willing to fight for you then Charlie Crist is the guy to vote for. Crist will improve the overall condition of Florida for everyone.

In the end, no matter who you vote for the important thing is that you participate in our democratic system. We encourage all Millennials – no matter Republican or Democrat – to register to vote and of course to vote during election days.

TheGenerationMe Register, Vote, Conquer !

Featured Image -- 7778 millennials1

Register HERE

SPANISH EDITION: Salario Minimo, Tu Salario!

 TGM Contributor : by Romy Esposito

Es tu salario muy bajo? Crees que es el momento para aumentarlo?



Las mujeres y los jovenes son los principales afectados por el sueldo minimo. El Presidente Obama y los Democratas abogan por aumentar el salario minimo a $10.10 por ahora, aunque la mayoria de los Republicanos se oponen.

Hoy! 24 de Julio, el es “Dia de Accion” Apoyemos esta causa, tienen que saber que ya es hora de aumentar nuestro salario minimo!!

Usa los hashtags #1010Now #5Reasons


Para mas infomacion visita

No te olvides de registrarse a votar; por ti y por el futuro de tus hijos

Register/Registrate aquí!


Donde  existe una necesidad, nace un derecho

 by Romy Esposito


SPANISH EDITION: Las Mujeres y el Derecho al Voto!!

By Romy Esposito

Nuestro derecho al voto ha sido atacado, discriminado, aprobado y revocado en diferentes ocasiones alrededor del mundo.

Estados Unidos


A principios del siglo XIX, las mujeres de Estados Unidos eran consideradas ciudadanas de “segunda clase”; sus quehaceres se limitaban al aseo del hogar, la educación de los niños y la atención de su marido. Vivian en una época en donde opinar, hablar en público o viajar solas, era “provocativo”.
Un grupo de “mujeres valientes” se atrevieron a encabezar el movimiento del “voto femenino” el cual se innaguro oficialmente en 1848 dando paso a la primera “Convención Por Los Derechos De La Mujer,” en Seneca Falls, New York.


Fue un largo proceso, la campaña por conseguir el voto femenino se desmoralizo; diferencias de estrategias entre las activistas, el comienzo de la primera guerra mundial y ajustadas agendas políticas hicieron que el movimiento se opaque en muchas ocasiones. Sin embargo, ELLAS no se conformaron con menos; les tomo mas de  100 años ganar sus derechos, hasta que finalmente llego el dia tan esperado, el 26 de Agosto de 1920, la enmienda 19 de la constitución fue ratificada.

Las Mujeres de Estados Unidos ya podian VOTAR!

                                                                                                                                                                                   América Latina

En los países latinoamericanos la lucha fue igual de intensa; Uruguay sin duda fue el mas radical y se puso a la vanguardia marcando el sendero para los demás países.

El 3 de Julio de 1927, en un movimiento revolucionario, la lucha contra la desigualdad e exclusión de la mujer al voto llego a su fin; por primera vez las mujeres acudieron a las urnas. En 1938 quedo oficialmente ratificado y se convierte en el primer país latinoamericano en aprobar el voto femenino y el sexto  en el mundo.

La emancipación femenina alcanzo su victoria en los años consecuentes extendiéndose al resto de America Latina. Mexico fue ejemplo de una lucha incansable; donde mujeres valientes alzaron sus voces combatiendo la idea que la política era solo para hombres. Yucatan como estado clave tomo la iniciativa; las mujeres Mexicanas vieron la posibilidad de salir de la marginación politica, nuevas ideas y vientos de cambios las movilizaron hasta alcanzar la victoria el 17 de Octubre de 1953 convirtiéndose en el ulitmo país de America latina en consolidar este derecho. Hace tan solo 60 anios atrás, las mujeres Mexicanas tienen VOZ en las urnas!!!

Ahora si, a Votar!

photo 2

Estas historias que nos han remontado al pasado de nuestras madres y abuelas, nos sirven para recordar la importancia de ejercitar nuestro derecho como ciudadanas.

Regístrate a votar!!! Acude a las urnas y elige a tus gobernantes!!! Recuerda cuando estés votando, a todas esas “mujeres valientes” que lucharon para que hoy tú tengas el privilegio de votar y conviértete en una de ellas.

                                                                                                                             Siéntete orgullosa como mujer de participar activamente en    nuestra democracia!!!


Romy Esposito
Usa este link para registrarte, es MUY FACIL