I Went To A Anti-Trump Protest And These Are My Thoughts

By Rolo Ruiz I went to the LA protest and these are some thoughts about last night: I, too, am in a state of incredulity, worry, shame (amongst others feelings) that this is the path that we chose. We fought a hard, intense fight to get people to participate because we knew the importance of this [...]


As a millennial I also been feeling the “Bern,” and I am a proud supporter of Sanders. I truly feel he has what it takes to lead this country. Nonetheless, If Sander’s for whatever reason does not get the nomination – I would pledge my vote to Clinton. Clinton also has what it takes to [...]


Barry John Johnson, Special guest op-ed contributor. THE BROKEN WINDOW IS US; TURNING THE BROKEN WINDOW THEORY INSIDE OUT by Barry John Johnson As I look at the turmoil taking place in Baltimore, crowds enraged, cars being smashed and windows broken, my mind goes to a sense of irony related to an old academic policing [...]

North California Schools Show Ugly Discriminatory Pattern: Denise Elsken’s No AC Idea Likened to Superintendent Joe Jaconette Denying Free Lunch to Little Girl

By CRN Chicanos are drawing attention to Denise Elsken — a heartless woman out of the Martinez School District that should NOT be a school board member. In fact, we are going to demand she resign forthwith for her derogatory and offensive views towards brown kids vs. her views for the affluent.  Essentially Elsken believes [...]

Guillermo’s Two Cents: Hypocritical Christians

Guillermo’s Two Cents:  I have and will always find it hypocritical of the far right Christians to hate and create division within our society and than called themselves god loving people. We are witness to these kinds of personalties on what feels like a daily basis. A great example of these so called loving Christians [...]

TheQueOndaShow Headed to TGM

“The Que Onda show,” is at it’s final stages and finally HolaPost.com is ready to announce the show’s debut date. It has been confirmed that the show will air on CRN ( Chicano Radio Network) and then re-air within the TGM network. The show is schedule for April 13th 2015 at 7pm pt - 10pm [...]

Independent Registered Voter Group Endorses Jean Schodorf for Kansas Secretary of State – Cites Agricultural Needs

Posted by Somos Independents Photo credit: Kansas.com -- Kris Kobach, left, and Jean Schodorf are running for Kansas secretary of state.  Jean Schodorf slight lead in the polls. Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/election/article1308459.html#storylink=cpy   Somos Independents is a national independent registered voter group led by Mexican American women.  There are more women voters than male, and [...]

Charlie Crist: A Candidate Millennials Can Support

TGM Voice: 7/27/2014Charlie Crist: A Candidate Millennials Can SupportThe moment has come for Millennials to rally behind Charlie Crist. One thing is for sure – Millennials are tired of Rick Scott’s far right policies and are seeking to free Florida of Rick Scott.Florida Millennials are looking for a candidate who can understand them and is [...]

SPANISH EDITION: Salario Minimo, Tu Salario!

 TGM Contributor : by Romy Esposito Es tu salario muy bajo? Crees que es el momento para aumentarlo? ES TIEMPO DE TOMAR ACCION!!    Las mujeres y los jovenes son los principales afectados por el sueldo minimo. El Presidente Obama y los Democratas abogan por aumentar el salario minimo a $10.10 por ahora, aunque la mayoria [...]

SPANISH EDITION: Las Mujeres y el Derecho al Voto!!

By Romy Esposito Nuestro derecho al voto ha sido atacado, discriminado, aprobado y revocado en diferentes ocasiones alrededor del mundo. Estados Unidos A principios del siglo XIX, las mujeres de Estados Unidos eran consideradas ciudadanas de “segunda clase”; sus quehaceres se limitaban al aseo del hogar, la educación de los niños y la atención de [...]