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Barry John Johnson, Special guest op-ed contributor.

by Barry John Johnson

As I look at the turmoil taking place in Baltimore, crowds enraged, cars being smashed and windows broken, my mind goes to a sense of irony related to an old academic policing concept, The Broken Windows Theory. Developed by James Q. Wilson, it has sometimes been cited as a justification for proactive or aggressive policing policies like “Stop and Frisk” as a matter of nipping in the bud any potential for unlawful behavior. The theory in essence says, once you allow one broken window on the block to go unrepaired, it sets a new standard as to what is acceptable, and further broken windows will in turn go unrepaired. The neighborhood, and therefore society, will then deteriorate into greater lawlessness and less responsible citizenry.

The Broken Window Theory actually works……… for broken windows. As a former City Manager, I saw the theory applied, practically and effectively in the context of code enforcement directed at poor property management and physical deterioration of property in general. It alleviates poor housing conditions. It gets old rotting couches off of the lawn. A neighborhood can look better, cleaner and brighter. The theory might then espouse that people in that neighborhood will behave better as well, as a new standard of personal responsibly and lawfulness is created.

At some point, somewhere along the way, this theory may have been distorted as it has been applied more directly at human behavior with the range of what might be considered proactive application creeping wider and wider.

The Broken Window may have become a kid in a hoodie. The Broken Window may have become a teen listening to loud music. With racial profiling, in effect, implementing this academic theory, the Broken Window may have become an entire class of people.

An old academic theory, distorted, has become a tool of societal suppression in the name of effective policing. Why wouldn’t one, be mad, upset and maybe even riot, if determined to be a Broken Window?

Now, in the spirit of irony, it appears that the Broken Window is us, or the society that allows its wholesale application in a distorted fashion.

Now the Broken Window might be:

A lack of truly sincere community policing policies An overt over-militarization of local police agencies Pro-police bias in excessive force review and prosecution An inability in the policing profession to be introspective A default “bunker mentality” of police union organizations Rampant overt and subtle racism in society in general Lack of economic opportunity for disenfranchised groups How do we deal with all of these Broken Windows? Ironically again, we nip them in the bud. We take corrective action. We have to be proactive in addressing and all inkling of ineffective or biased policing. We revamp community policing strategies to be real and sincere. We talk about whether there is a pro-police prosecutorial bias and how it might be addressed. We take swift and aggressive action against regarding any indication of bias or excessive force on the part of individual officers.

We, in effect, turn the Broken Window Theory inside out.

Author Bio: Barry John Johnson is a former City Manager, now licensed as a counselor in California.


Spanish Sister Site: Say Hola to Millennial Latino May 5th 2014

new site

¿Quiénes somos?

Somos “Millennials”, un grupo de personas multirracial y multicultural, quienes defendemos el progreso de nuestro país y deseamos sea un mejor lugar para todos. Además luchamos contra el racismo y apoyamos una reforma a la ley de inmigración.

Damos la bienvenida a la diversidad de ideas y aceptamos la colaboración de todos aquellos quienes se encuentran en nuestro país sin importar las circunstancias y comparten nuestra visión.

¿Qué es “Millennial Latino.” ?

“Millennials” Latino es un lugar virtual de encuentro para personas quienes tienen puntos en común y buscan acción colectiva para reforzar nuestra democracia.

EVENT ALERT: May Day / Primero de Mayo 2014, Santa Rosa, CA


Facebook post  by Attila Nagy

4:00 pm – Gather at the Old Albertson’s lot // Reunirse en el lote de la Albertson, 665 Sebastopol Rd. near/cerca de Dutton Ave.
4:45 pm – Start March to downtown Court House Square for Rally // Comience a marchar al centro de la ciudad para Mitin


Thursday, May 1st, 2014
Jueves 1 de Mayo, 2014

The people demand: jobs, justice & respect for all!

• $12 per hour minimum wage!
• End Police Terror!
• Stop Mass Deportation!
• No Car Impoundment!
• Justice for Andy Lopez!
• Healthcare for All!
• Protect the Right to Organize!

Demanda la gente: trabajos, justicia y respeto para todos!

• $12 por hora salario minimo!
• Terminación al Terror Policiaco!
• Alto a las Deportaciones Masivas!
• No a la confiscación de autos!
• Justicia para Andy Lopez!
• Servicio de Salud para todos!
• Proteger el Derecho a

Organized by

Organized by the May 1st Coalition /
Organizado por la Coalición del 1 de Mayo

Organized by the May 1st Coalition/Organizado por la Coalición del 1 de Mayo • Endorsed by/Apoyado por: Comité VIDA (Committee for Immigrant Rights, So. Co.); Peace & Justice Center, So. Co.; ACLU, So. Co.; Centro Laboral de Graton; United Farm Workers (UFW); Green Party, So. Co.; KBBF 89.1FM Bilingual Radio; North Bay Organizing Project; Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored; North Bay Jobs With Justice/Living Wage Coalition; North Bay Labor Council; UUCSR Advocates for Social Justice; Unite Here Local 2850, Local 49; Unite Here International; Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez; ANSWER Coalition; Petaluma Progressives; 100,000 Poets for Change.

Want to participate ? Click HERE


Dear Millennials, Meet the TNTweeters

TNTweetersDear Millennial,

I want to tell you about a really awesome new immigration activist group called the TNTweeters. Yes, I know what you are thinking, “What’s so special about this group?” “And why is it so awesome?” You see, TNTweeters is a group like no other, they are a diverse group and their members come from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Plus they are pretty badass!  ( I support their cause so you they are pretty awesome. …TGM plug. )  And like all Millennials who live in a tech savvy era  they too understand the importance of social media to get their message across. They are passionate and focus and as a Millennial I am proud to support them.  Get involve! You can learn more by going to the  TNTweeters Info, page.

Your TGM member,


Published by PROImmigrationReform TNTweeters

TNTweeters members:






How Republicans Use “Latin” Tokens To Do Dirty Work; Why More Latinos Leave the GOP

Posted by Somos Independents

More and more Latino/a voters are leaving the Republican Party who were once activists for the GOP, and they are joining the Democratic Party or the Independent registered voting bloc that is being organized by folks who are fed up with partisanship.

According to the Huffington Post: “Former Florida State Rep. Ana Rivas Logan Leaves GOP Over Immigration, Becomes A Democrat.”

Mexican American / Chicano / Hispanic and Latino voters are insulted because we see how the GOP uses “Latin” tokens to do their dirty work that goes against the MAJORITY of what the Latino community wants.  In the HuffPo story you will see how the story is about Gov. Scott’s new and current Lt. Governor via Carlos Lopez-Cantera who pressured Florida State Rep. Ana Rivas to support an Arizona-style immigration law when it surfaced in Florida in 2011.

Several of us have left the GOP because of the Republican Party’s hate and growing bigotry, and it appears more and more leave everyday.

This is precisely why there is a need to organize the independent voter bloc who are folks who are sick of labels and doing the dirty work on extremists who are within the major party system.

Somos Independents — a get out the vote effort and organization has been proactive with Independent voters since 2012, and we know Independent voters are the largest voting bloc on a national basis.  We are fed up with the partisanship that exists ind D.C. and we encourage bipartisanship when taking on tough issues.  We support fixing the broken immigration system and we see Speaker Boehner, the GOP still not doing anything to fix it after the Democratic-controlled Senate passed an immigration reform bill  7 months ago!

According to IVN:  “The current Congress has an average 9.2 percent approval rating and 84.2 percent disapproval rating. … These numbers point to a grave problem: the House of Representatives is utterly unrepresentative.”

TGM Network coming this year?

There has been many rumors lately on a new kind of website/social media hybrid web page. But what does that mean exactly and how would it work? Well, according to co-founder of TGM Jerry Stone it will be a platform like no other of it’s kind. “imagine a platform for activist and all people where they can organize and come together for a common goal. A place where there voices will be heard and shared to the world.”-Jerry Stone. According to many loyal readers and followers they are excited about the new Hybrid site.

TGM Network is schedule to launch late 2014.

TGM Network 4TGM Network 3TGM Network 2TGM Network

Republicans Who Cut Food Stamps For Common Poor American Supported Corporate Welfare Via Farm Subsidies


Food welfare hypocrisy is astounding.

There is something terribly ass backwards about Republicans who cut food stamps to common and poor American people.  Yet, millions and millions of dollars are given in the name of Farm Subsidies or corporate welfare.

From one of my favorite Chicano writers via Juan Montoya:

juan montoya filemon vela texas

By Juan Montoya

Following our post on the subsidies provided to sugar-cane growers in Cameron County, we had one of our three readers alert us to the information that the federal government provides through the Dept. of Agriculture related to the dependence of local farmers on crop subsidies and insurance.

The graph above indicates that in the last 17 years, the U.S. taxpayer has been very, very good to local farmers who raked in $188 million in commodity subsidies, $67.2 million in crop insurance subsidies, and $30.7 million in disaster subsidies.

We wondered why gadflies like Dagoberto Barrera continue to bash food-stamp recipients while local farmers who grow unnecessary crops like sugar cane continue to exploit the generosity of the American taxpayer growing a crop that we don’t really need.

It’s interesting to note that local U.S. District 34 Rep. Filemon Vela has been appointed to a committee to iron out the crop subsidies in the new Farm Bill after the Republican-led House passed a separate bill dealing with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Now, will Vela – given the millions received by agribusiness in his district – move to protect the average taxpayer? Or will he simply make noises about his fiscal conservatism and continue the handouts to the top 10 percent who collected 90 percent of all subsidies, that is, his political contributors? That is, go along for the ride?

Historically, the food stamp program has been part of the farm bill, a huge piece of legislation that had routinely been passed every five years, authorizing financing for the nation’s farm and nutrition programs. But in July, House leaders split the bill’s farm and nutrition sections into separate measures, passing the farm legislation over Democrats’ objections.

The bill, written under the direction of the House majority leader, Eric Cantor, Republican of Virginia, cut $40 billion from the food stamp program over the next 10 years. It would also require adults between 18 and 50 without minor children to find a job or to enroll in a work-training program in order to receive benefits.

It would also limit the time those recipients could get benefits to three months. Currently, states can extend food stamp benefits past three months for able-bodied people who are working or preparing for work as part of a job-training program.

Below is a list of the top 25 “farmers” and corporations in Cameron County (Brownsville, Zip Code 78520) who received government subsidies, including some paid to set aside acreage (not to plant) and the totals they received from 1995-2012. Notice this does not include the members of the Santa Rosa Sugar Cane Growers who not only receive crop commodity payments, but are also protected by tariffs which keep out sugar imports from other countries and inflate the price Americans pay for that commodity. Amendments to the food-stamp program also allow SNAP recipients to purchase foods containing sugar (candy, soda pop, etc.) to purchase sugar-based products with the federal stipends. What a sweet deal, hey Fil?

1. San Miguel Partnership: $1,854, 561.68

2. Leal Farms, Inc.: $1,408,455.17

3. Mathers Family Parternship, Ltd.: $939,407,39

4. Frank D. Yturria: $916,850.00

5. Flores Farms Jv.: $788,518.71

6. Edward Mathers Farms: $749,392.99

7. John L. George: $557,257.00

8. T. Norberto Flores: $379,029.02

9. M.f Yturria Grandson’s Trust: $225,410.00

10. Mary and Frank Yturria Family Ranch: $182,924.00

11. Mathers Farms Jv: $160,000.00

12. Sampayo-Garcia Farming Lc.:$152,282.00

13. Pf Sweeney and Sat Jv.: $142,098.33

14. Teofilo H. Flores Jr.: $139,885.11

15. Frank Edward Mathers: $125,168.00

16. Empresa Inc.: $121,672.39

17. Diana Ines Santiso Del Rio: $110,720.86

18. Nelson Smith: $101,500.36

19.Leal Brothers: $86,423.00

20. Peyton F. Sweeney Sr.: $86,288.35

The San Miguel Partnership corporation has its address listed as 186 Creekbend in Brownsville and listed its subsidies as:

Cotton – $1,157,953

Sorghum – $224,254

Corn – $112,295

Livestock: $819

Frank D. Yturria, Mary, Granson’s Trust ( millionaires in their own right), milked the taxpayer for:

Cotton – $656,158

Sorghum – $108,569 Corn – $39,662

Livestock – $21,578

This is just a partial listing of the subsidies given to these agribusiness corporations. For a more complete listing to to: