About T.G.M

Millennials: The Greatest Generation

About GenerationME:

GenerationME was created to serve as a filter for all the political stories out there with a progressive point of view approach. However, we also serve as a stage for other activists and serve as a voice for many of their great causes. Besides politics, GenerationME has created many other sister groups, who each focus on life’s different aspects. For example, “Students for Students,” who focuses on college life and provides many resources, news, and just as important support during the stressful college semesters.We are Americans standing up for a better America with a progressive point of view.  

Statement : 

There comes a time in every generation when crucial decisions will need to be made. A time where people will come together and fight for what they believe is right. And many voices will become just one voice. This is that time! This is our time! Our battle for fair and proper education, Immigration reform, human rights, woman rights, LBGT rights, and voting rights has just begun. The time where we just stand on the sideline and do nothing has passed. We must speak out and make our voices heard.

Challenge The Status Quo!


  1. JC Travel Stories on YouTube … Thanks you for promoting us, but even more for the ideals TGM represents! Let’s all give voice to common sense and humanity in human rights for all.

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